Juan Guartem
Eduardo Blomar
Bartolomé Charpes

Pirates in Panama History

Spanish records indicate that in 1679, Juan Guartem, Eduardo Blomar and Bartolomé Charpes, buccaneers, navigated up the Manginga River, and across the Isthmus of Panamá. They arrived at the town of Chepo, on the Pacific coast, and plundered and burnt the town. 

Spanish forces sent out by the Viceroy of Panamá to Chepo, were not able to capture them and they escaped into the jungle. In frustration, the Viceroy tried them in absentia and sentenced them to death. Not having in their possesion any of the three pirates for their scheduled execution, they hung them in effigy at Santa Fé de Bogotá in 1680. Meanwhile, the three continued to ravage and plunder the North and South coast of Panamá.

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Bruce C. Ruiz
August 22, 2002