Pedro Alonso Niņo

The second expedition to sail from Spain was commanded by Pedro Alonso Niņo. He had been with Columbus on his second voyage. On Niņo's expedition was one, Cristobal Guerra, who would later lead his own expedition to the Indies. Niņo set sail in a small caravel of 50 tons, and thirty-three men. They departed from Palos, Spain,  on June 1, 1499. Like Alonso de Ojeda, he reached the coast of South  America and sailed in a north-westerly direction, trading with the natives has he went. He traded for guanine and pearls. He returned to Spain in April, 1500, with a large number of pearls; but, was charged with not fully accounting for his treasure, and thrown into prison, where he spent some time.

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September 28, 2001
Bruce C. Ruiz