Vicente Yáñez Pinzón

(1450 - 1523)

The third expedition to sail from Spain, was under the command of Vicente Yáñez Pinzón was born in Palos de Moguer, Spain. Pinzon had been the captain of the Niña, on Columbus's first voyage Martin Pinzón, Vicente's older brother, was the captain of the Pinta, and the co-owner of both vessels. Pinzón left Spain from Palos in December, 1499 with four caravels. He reached the coast of present day Brazil on January 20, 1500, and claimed it in the name of Spain. He explored the coast of Brazil, and discovered the Amazon River. He sailed as far north, as the Gulf of Paria, in northwest Venezuela. He cut a quantity of Brazil lumber, and headed back to Spain. On the way, he lost two of his ships, and therefore, was not well received in Spain on September 30, 1500.

In 1508, he made two expeditions to the New World, sailing with Juan Díaz de Solís, looking for the path to the Spice Islands. It is not known, where they went, but it is suspected that they sailed to Honduras and the Yucatan.


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September 28, 2001
Bruce C. Ruiz