La Casa de Cerro Campana

This is a view of the house from the left, coming down the hill, into our yard. To the left, you can see La Gruta, followed by the tool shed (and electric plant house), my sisters doll house, and under it, the Out House. On the right, you can see Sanchez's house.

Our house started out as a one story structure, built on a small hill, on stilts. My father, dug out the dirt below the house, and eventually added two more bed room, a large dinning room, a kitchen and car port, on the bottom. Up stairs, we had 2 small bed rooms, a large living room, that served as a bed room, and a porch. My parents, always had a lot of company visiting, so there were times, when all the beds were full, there were three hammocks strung up in the porch, and some people would have to sleep in their cars.

Our house was at 3,500 feet above sea level, making it a "Cool" retreat in the mountains. During the hot days of Panama, before the days of wide spread air conditioners, the people would go to the mountains, to get out of the heat. The temperature in Cerro Campana, was always in the low 70's F during the day, and in the 50's F during the night.

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