Old Family Photographs


Manuel Ruiz Alvarez

He was my Great-Grandfather on my Fathers side of the family.  He died in Mexico, June 12, 1911.

Mercedes Silva de Ruiz

She was my Great-Grandmother on my Fathers side of the family. She died in New York, around 1945.

Manolo Ruiz Silva

This is my grandfather.

Manolo and Rosa Ruiz

They are my grandparents. This photo was taken sometime in the late 1910's or early 1920's

Ruiz Lopez famile

This is Manolo (grandfather), Rosa (grandmother), Jose Luis (father), Ada Rosa (aunt), Doris (aunt) and Carlos (uncle).

Doris (Pucha) & Jose Luis (Pucho)

This is my father, and his sister. This photo was taken sometime around 1916 or 17.

Pucho Ruiz

This is my father, and he was about 10 years old when this picture was taken (1923)

Carlos Ruiz

Carlos is my uncle, my fathers brother, when he was a teenager.

Doris Ruiz Lopez

This is my aunt, my fathers sister.

Rosa Maria Alemani

This is my grandmother, my fathers mother, after she remarried after many years as a widow.

This photograph is of 1.- Bruce (myself), 2.- Melinda (my sister), 3.- Doris (my aunt), 4.- Isita (my cousin), 5.- Carlos (my uncle, and Isita's father).  This photograph was taken sometime between 1943 - 1944. Adita (my cousin), Melinda (my sister), Isita (cousin), and Bruce (myself).  Picture taken aroung 1943.
Mili Lopez Dia

My grandmother's brother. Photo taken in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico on March 5, 1908.

Concepcíon Marquez de Diaz

This is my grandmother's grandmother, on her mothers side. The other person is Conqui (I don't know who she is, or which one she is). Photo taken in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico in 1890.

Mercedes and Jose (Pepe) Ruiz
Mercedes Silva de Ruiz  Maddy & Henry Ruiz and Haydee Mercedita & Sisi Silva
Adita Emanuelli (7 years old) Maria Fernanda Emanuelli (4½ years old) Pucho Ruiz López
Chila & Pucho Ruiz  

Maria Silva & Jose Fortuño
She is my Great-Grandmothers only sister.

Maria Teresa & Jose Domingo Fortuño
He is Maria & Jose Fortuño's son. This is his wedding picture

Anita Fortuño (3 years old)
She is the only child of Jose Domingo and Maria Teresa. Maria Teresa died during childbirth. Photo taken in 1941.

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