Caris' Wedding Shower

Gainesville, Florida

April 29, 2001

Shannon Morrow (Caris' mother), Otamara Garcia, Maggie Martin and Loraine Martin


Carrie Webb (Maid of Honor) and Kate Lester (Bridesmaid)

Maggie (Mother of the Groom) and Jaime


Pam Pike

Marilyn Keeling

Gina Wainwright

Carrie Webb and Kate Lester

Josh Wainwright

Jackie Risco, Gina Wainwright, Pam Pike

Gloria Vilarte, me, Marilyn Keeling

Maggie and Lorraine Martin, Jaime, Maggie, Caris (in back)

Caris and Jaime

Caris and Jaime



Jackie and Omi Risco


Shannon Morrow (Mother of the Bride)



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