Cerro Campana

This is a view of the large, bell shaped rock that gave Cerro Campana it's name. This rock is a least a couple of thousand feet high, with the face of it, being rock, and the back is another mountain, covered with woods. Has a kid, I climbed this rock several times. The first time, was with a group of Franciscan Priest the had a retreat, a couple of miles from our house. The priest were from the northern region Italy, and loved to climb the mountains. I went with them on many expeditions, all over the mountains. We put a large cross on top of the rock that was visible for miles. The year after we put up the first cross, we erected a much larger cross. Today, Cerro Campana is a National Park, and is protected. The cross that we put up is not standing anymore. I understand that the park service will not let anyone go up on top of the rock, to replace it.

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