Melinda Ruz's Birthday Party

This is in front of our house in Curundu, 2156-B on 7th Street. This photo was taken, before 1952, because in 1952 my father sold the old Frazier in the carport, and replaced it with a Ford.  

1.- Lupe Lowe 13.- Reba Kirk
2.- Yolanda Velez 14.- Hazel Kirk
3.- Melinda Ruiz 15.- Aileen Reimiller
4.- Joyce Small 16.- Frances Hinek
5.- Janet Smith 17.- Marie Elena Velez
6.- Galo Perez 18.- Etta Miller (Ettie)
7.- Jeannette Martens (P-nut) 19.- Lynn Braun
8.- ? Carrasco 20.- Linda Fussel
9.- Nina Kimball 21.- Becky Fussel
10.- Ruthie Adams 22.- Anita Perez
11.- ? Carrasco 23.- Alina Morales
12.- Magaly Reyes 24.- Ruthie Reimi8ller

Special thanks to Nina Kimball for helping with identification.


Sitting, from Left to Right: Lupe Lowe, Yolanda Velez, Melinda, Joyce Small, Joyce Small, Nina Kimball (behind Joyce Small), Alina Morales, Ruthie Adams, ? Carrasco, Galo Perez (cousin), Magali Reyes (behind Galo), ? Carrasco, ? Carrasco.  

Standing: Riba Kirk, Hazel Kirk, Alean Reimiller, Francis Henik, Maria Elena Velez, Etie Miller, Lynn Braun, Becky Fussel, Linda Fussel (in front of Lynn), Anita Perez, ?, Ruth  Reimeller.

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