Banquet for the "Liberal" Officers

The caption with this photo states: "Banquete ofrecido a los oficiales Liberales, Generales Domingo Dias y Sergio Perez, por los hermanos Ramirez en Panama, 1903

Seated from Left to Right: General Barrera, General Doimgo Diaz, General Sergio Perez, Inspector General of the Armed Forces of Cauca  (my Great-Gandfather), General Ramirez (del Padilla), and Dr Alejandro Perez Rivas (my Grandfather).

Standing from Left to Right: Don Rafael Ramirez, George Marbotten, the Medical Doctor of the Padilla, Don Manuel Ramirez, and Don Mariano Ramirez.

My Great-Grandfather, was sent to the Province of Panama, from Colombia to be in charge of the army during the 1,000 Day War. My Grandfather, was the army's Medical Officer.

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