Old Family Photographs

Perez - Parada & Venero

Alejandro Perez Rivas

He was my Grandfather on my Mothers side of the family.  He died in Panama

Amparo Parada de Perez

She was my Grandmother on my Mothers side of the family.

Amaparo and Sergio (Pepe) Perez 

My Grandmother and uncle.

Cecilia and Beatriz Perez Parada

My Mother and her older sister, Beatriz (Betti)

Cecilia, Colombia & Beatriz Perez Parada

My Mother, her sisters, Colombia and Beatriz

 Beatriz Perez Parada, Enriqueta Grosso de Parada, Julieta Contrera Parada, Victoria Puig Parada, Julio Contrera Parada, Sergio Perez Parada, Colombia Perez Parada, and Cecilia Perez Parada
Abraham (Bancho) Perez Parada

My Uncle, he is my mothers youngest brother.

Sergio (Pepe) Perez Parada

My Uncle, he is my mothers younger brother.

Sergio (Pepe) Perez Parada

My uncle

Cecilia (Chila) Perez Parada

(April 17, 1937)

Cecilia (Chila) Perez Parada

Parada Grosso Girls

Photo taken before 1916 of some of the Parada girls. Amparo my grandmother (violin), Debora (piano), Rosa (guitar) & Mercedes (mandolin)

Alejandro Perez and Abram Perez Dr. Alejandro Perez Rivas Dr. Alejandro Perez Rivas
Banquet for the "Liberales" Officers Amparo Catalina Parada Grosso Marcela, Mayita, Pepe, Pelayo
Banchito Pérez Armuelles Bancho Pérez Parada Sonny Pérez Venero
Tito Bellino Pérez Mamaqueta Mamaqueta
Tito Bellino Pérez Bancho Pérez Parada Eladio Pérez Venero
Pelayo Pérez Jimenez Pepe Pérez Parada Eva Pérez Halphen and Family

Antonio & Catelina Grosso were from Turino, Italy. Catelina died in Italy, and Antonio left Italy with his daughter Enriqueta, and younger son, Antonio. They were going to Argentina, where Antonio had family. While the ship stopped in the City of Colon, in Panama, Antonio got sick and died there, leaving Catelina (who I think was 16 or 18 years old) and her brother stranded in Panama. There she met and married Jesus Parada Leal. He was a Colonel in the Colombian army and a member of the "Conservador" party. Some of their children were born in Colon, before he was sent to David, in the province of Chiriqui, where most of their children were born. 

My Grandmother, Amparo Parada Grosso, married Alejandro Perez Riva. Alejandro was a member of the "Liberal" party, which should have made things interesting in the "In-Laws" relation departmen. In Panama's history, there was a civil war, called the war of 1,000 days, (1898 - 1901), which was between the "Conservadores" and "Liberales". This was was an extension of the 150 years of civil war between those two political parties in Colombia. This particular was was fought entirely in Panama, by the Conservative and Liberal armies. My Great-Grandfather, General Sergio Perez was sent to Panama as the Liberal's Army's, Inspector General, and my Grandfather, was the battalions Medical Doctor.

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