Perez Kids 

The little girl is Marcela Halphen. She is sitting on Mayita Perez (Venero)'s lap. The boy in the water, facing the front is Sergio Perez (Parada). Marcela is Eva Perez Halphen's daughter and Sergio is the son of Children of Amparo Parada and Alejandro Perez.  Mayita is the daughter of Alejandro Perez and Olivia Venero.

My Grandfather, was first married to Olivia Venero. They had six children, Eva (1903 - 1966), Amalina (1904 - 1990), Avelina (1905 - ), Olivia (1907 - ?), Alejandro (1913 - ), Eladio (1914 - ?). 

When Olivia Venero Perez died (1/20/1915) he married Amparo Parada Grosso  (9/2/1916) and they had 6 children.   Sara Beatriz (1916), Cecilia (1918), Sergio (1920), Amparo Colombia (1921), Abraham Antonio (1923). The sixth child died at birth.

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